Saturday, March 29, 2014

Inspired by Photography

Last weekend Wes and I got our Engagement pictures done at one of our favorite places ... Stockyards in downtown Fort Worth. My sister's sister in law, Florencia was our photographer! She did such a great job!! She really made us for comfortable and helped us with all the poses ... we aren't the best models in the world and the 6 years we have been together we only have a few nice photos together most of them are being silly! So I wanted to share some of my pictures with you... If you follow me on Facebook i'm sure you have seen some of them already. 
I loved the location we chose... in this picture we are in sitting near the old cattle grounds of the Stockyards. 
This shot is really cool... The railroad tracks that runs right through the stockyards. 
Florencia does a fabulous job editing the photos.. I love how she added the date to our boots! 
We did a few baseball shots... I loved this idea, it captures our story of how we met
Some of my favorite photos are ones that don't even show our faces haha!
On of my favorites.... the lighting is beautiful 
 3 more months till were married...I cant believe it!! 
I'm so happy with the way our pictures turned out! 
To get more information on Florencia Chavez Photography... you can email here at or Like her Facebook Page: Florencia Chavez Photography 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inspired by Wooden Spools

Hi there i have been wanting to share with you how inspired i am by wooden spool lol sounds crazy but im obessed!
I went by one of the new shops in old town keller area by our shop and i saw these awesome patio furniture pieces on their front patio! Too cool!!!  i love to see things repurposed and used in creative ways!
I have been inspired by these spools for a while now and i really want to make something out of them. So ive been picking them up now and then. My father in law has been saving me some at his warehouse untill i come up with the perfect idea and the time to sit down and do it! Here are some of my favorite ideas so far

I love this photo! Using the spools as a rustic decor piece in a wedding! This totally screams my name :)

I really love this style too! It would be fun as a book storage but most of all a table top! I could see this as a great center coffee table and a fun conversational piece!!!
I hope you were inspired by this post and create something neat with wooden spools! 

Stay Inspired,