Thursday, April 16, 2015

LBH Clearly Creative Blog Hop

I'm super excited to share with you my
Clearly Creative Blog Hop Project Spotlight.....
"Clearly Fun File Folder"
This file folder is from Heidi Swapp. I used it as my base and then added Echo Park-Anything Goes Papers and Stickers,
along with the WeRmemoryKeepers Clearly Bold Yellow Dot & Teal Stripe Sheets.
This file folder project was so easy and fun to make...
I added several flip pages within the file to add more pictures and room for journaling!
Clearly Bold Clear Sheets work great for adding layers to your projects. I used it as a photo mat in the picture above. I also just liked adding it in random areas... the cool thing about it is it's "Clear" so the pattern papers still show under it! I love that look and thought it worked perfectly in this fun file folder!
I also used the Clearly Bold Clear Sheets as a flip page it folds nicely and adds a fun texture and dimension to the file folder!
I plan to add my journaling to this note card in the flip page

I cut a piece of the Stripe Teal Clear Sheet and layered it with Stickers from Heidi Swapp! These Clear Sheets a thin enough to cut easily on your normal paper cutter.

 Thanks for joining me for this clearly creative project spotlight!
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I'm Back! :)

Hi everyone,
I have decided to come back to my blog... I took some time away from it to focus on other things... but I'm happy to be back and super excited to share with you many more inspiring things happening in my life and business!
To start off... I want to share with you an upcoming blog hop that you can participate in this Week!
The LBH Media Team is putting on a Blog Hop this Friday April 17th- Saturday April 18th
I'm super excited to be apart of this month's blog hop....
Stay Inspired,

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Inspired by Photography

Last weekend Wes and I got our Engagement pictures done at one of our favorite places ... Stockyards in downtown Fort Worth. My sister's sister in law, Florencia was our photographer! She did such a great job!! She really made us for comfortable and helped us with all the poses ... we aren't the best models in the world and the 6 years we have been together we only have a few nice photos together most of them are being silly! So I wanted to share some of my pictures with you... If you follow me on Facebook i'm sure you have seen some of them already. 
I loved the location we chose... in this picture we are in sitting near the old cattle grounds of the Stockyards. 
This shot is really cool... The railroad tracks that runs right through the stockyards. 
Florencia does a fabulous job editing the photos.. I love how she added the date to our boots! 
We did a few baseball shots... I loved this idea, it captures our story of how we met
Some of my favorite photos are ones that don't even show our faces haha!
On of my favorites.... the lighting is beautiful 
 3 more months till were married...I cant believe it!! 
I'm so happy with the way our pictures turned out! 
To get more information on Florencia Chavez Photography... you can email here at or Like her Facebook Page: Florencia Chavez Photography 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inspired by Wooden Spools

Hi there i have been wanting to share with you how inspired i am by wooden spool lol sounds crazy but im obessed!
I went by one of the new shops in old town keller area by our shop and i saw these awesome patio furniture pieces on their front patio! Too cool!!!  i love to see things repurposed and used in creative ways!
I have been inspired by these spools for a while now and i really want to make something out of them. So ive been picking them up now and then. My father in law has been saving me some at his warehouse untill i come up with the perfect idea and the time to sit down and do it! Here are some of my favorite ideas so far

I love this photo! Using the spools as a rustic decor piece in a wedding! This totally screams my name :)

I really love this style too! It would be fun as a book storage but most of all a table top! I could see this as a great center coffee table and a fun conversational piece!!!
I hope you were inspired by this post and create something neat with wooden spools! 

Stay Inspired, 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Miss T's Pickers Weekend Retreat

Hi There, I know its been so long since I blogged and I really wish I could blog more often but time is always so limited but I thought I would share with yall in between my classes about my awesome pickers weekend I had at Whitworth Ranch Retreat!
Friday was our Shopping Day in Canton! We went junking for fun treasures to create with! It was great fun! My buggy was full of antique lace that I found for a steal, a big "M" that was made out of bed springs! Super Cool and I picked up some Old Decorative Frames for some Wedding Decor and so little trinkets I found to work on my Junking Word Project with!
After we had no money to spend and we were in need of some A/C. Stacy took us to Laurie Anna's Decor Shop in Canton. OMG! I was in Heaven at this shop! It was merchandiser dream to walk in and see so many beautiful displays! I LOVE IT! They didnt allow photographs in the store but take my word it was the most beautiful store i have ever been in and I highly recommend it!
 Speaking of Junk! One of my favorite projects we created this weekend was our Junky Word Project. Everyone really embraced this project and was soo creative... using all kinds of JUNK!
I had no idea what word I should do and I was so unprepare for this weekends projects but someone told me I should do Mr. & Mrs. since I was in wedding mood all weekend. So I did and I love it! Mr - is much more rustic and I used lots of hardware on this. For the Mrs. I used these adorable little forks and spoon and some twin and burlap to soften the rustic feel. This project was so much fun and you could really do anything! No limits or rules... which is my kinda project!
I wish I could share with you all the projects the ladies did--- if you go to our facebook group page- Miss T's Pickers, you can find all the pictures from this weekend!
Not only did we play and have fun creating we learn alot!! Miss Tracy gave us the recipes for homemade chalk paint! Which I'm in love with! Plus some recipes to make your own finishing glazes and modeling paste!

This was another project we did this weekend! These are decorative photo panels that use large decorative hinges. Now this project was really fun to make and I being the bride to be decided to turn mine in to trays for wedding purposes and then decide to use them as photo panels after wedding.
This all these projects we needed a little help from our LBH Wood Guys, my dad and hubby lol
They came out there on Saturday when we were working on our projects and help us do all the heavy duty work to our projects! Thanks a bunch to them for helping us!! :)
Now for our finally project-- Shutter Angels! These Angels look so beautiful all together on the fence post. I'm really excited about these angels because my mom came up with a beautiful idea for my wedding. In honor or my grandmother (mom's mom) that is no longer with us we will have my mom's angel and in honor on my mother in law (wesley's mom) that is no longer with us we will have my angel displayed at the ceremony. Makes my cry and happy to be able to use the angels as representation of my 2 angels in heaven.
We had so much fun on this weekend retreat and we can wait to do more events there! My mom, Miss Tracy really did a great job designing this projects that were such a blast to create!

This event would have be so great if it wasn't for our beautiful venue, Whitworth Ranch Retreat!
Stacy, retreat owner and professional cheif was such a wonderful host. She cooked up all of our meals and took such good care of us the whole weekend! It was so relaxing and fun!
Stay Inspired,



Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Inspired by Mixed Media Altered Work

Hey Everyone, 
Today's post is inspired by Mixed Media!! 
Mixed Media Altered Art Work is on Trend right now in the Art, Craft and Paper World! 
Mixed Media is a visual art that combines paint, ink and collage on to a canvas or altered surface.
Mixed Media has No Boundaries! 
                                           Soaring Heart Mixed Media Canvas- Lynette Chiles

You can do whatever you want to your canvas and it will look great!
Its such a fun art project to create because it stress free and has no rules to go by!
I tend to break rules and not follow directions! It stresses me out when Im working on  a project that I want to look like a idea I saw, or by the sample of a kit I have.
I always seem to change it up just because I want to! If you are anything like me,
you would love mix media art! 
I have found some great Mixed Media Inspiration to share with you

Christy Tomlinson, a mixed media artist creates amazing work.
She is a great inspiration and offers some awesome mixed media products, classes and kits! 
We love Mixed Media at the LBH!
 Here is a look at some of the mixed media canvases we are
currently offering.
Bloom Canvas -created by: Susan Tidwell 
Love Lives Here Canvas- created by Susan Tidwell 
Cupcake Canvas- Color of your Choice
created by Lynette Chiles 

More Inspirations...
I love these cameras!!
This is just too cool!!!
 I love the old door knobs accented on the top

I find a lot of my Inspiration on Pinterest-- 
Follow my Page HERE!!

Inspiration is all around us!!
Stay Inspired, 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inspired by the Love of the Game -- Heavy Heart for our Nation this Week!

--Hi Everyone--
Thanks again for reading today.. I'm writing this post with a very heavy heart... I'm sure the feeling to mutual due to the devastation in our nation this week. 
 I have been glued to the News Channel this week...
with the Boston Marathon Bombings on Monday and
the West, TX Explosion Wednesday

My heart goes out to all the people that were affected by these horrible events. 
West, TX being very close to my Heart.
 My Grandad's farm is 15 miles away from the explosions.
We take the West Exit to get to to the Farm. We always stop at the Sonic and Czech Stop Bakery in town. 
Well known for their  Czech Heritage and the Annual West Fest. My Grandad has also gone to the West Cattle Auction for years. It such a sweet old Texas town that has just been destroyed. My heart breaks for all the people affect by this.
They are in need for Blood Donations-- Carter Blood Care is taking Blood Donations for West. If you would like to help by donating, find your local Carter Blood Center and please give blood.
Here is the link to find your local center in the DFW area
I also heard they need diapers, pillows, blankets  and other supplies and if you want to donate supplies. The Red Cross is taking Donations and you can also Follow the Facebook Page below for the latest updates and drop off stations---
Prayers for the Victims of West Facebook Page

Please Continue to Pray for Boston, Mass and West, TX 
On a happier note I have a great blog post for you to be inspired by! 
Inspired by the Love of the Game

This beautiful weather we have had here in TX just calls for a Baseball post! 
Baseball has always been apart  of my life
The house I grew up in backed up to the community sports complex. We spent lots of weeknights and weekends there watching all my brothers play ball.My sister and I played some t-ball but we quickly realized that Cheer leading was a lot more fun.... and that was the end of our baseball careers. Now my younger brothers are in high school and i have to say the  cheerleader in me comes out very often!
We always enjoyed going to the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Texas Rangers and still do! Go Rangers!
 Baseball also has a lot to do with how me and my fiance, Wes met. 
When Wes was a senior and I was a junior.
My friends and I went to every baseball game and a lot of my friends were dating some of the players and through several games, playoffs, and a trip to Abilene for semi- finals we started to hang out and it just clicked! :) 
Wes is an amazing Catcher and took his team very far his Senior Year. We have so many great memories from Baseball! Now he is going to school to become a teacher and a coach! Can't wait to get to watch him coach! :) So this time of year always brings make so many memories of Baseball Season!
Ive been so inspired by everything Baseball and have 
found some awesome ideas for a boys bedroom or play room, birthday parties or tail gates , jewelry & fashion, and more !   

Baseball Wreath & Baseball Shelving w/ Baseball Ephemera 

DIY Baseball Bracelets 

Great Ideas for Birthday Parties or Tailgate Events 
Such a Cute Idea for Engagement Photos-- I might have to do this!
Another cool piece to use for a boys room 
DIY Pillows using old jerseys and t-shirts & 
 I just love this Diamonds shirt-- I would wear this! 

Inspiration is all Around us!
Stay Inspired,