Thursday, October 10, 2013

Miss T's Pickers Weekend Retreat

Hi There, I know its been so long since I blogged and I really wish I could blog more often but time is always so limited but I thought I would share with yall in between my classes about my awesome pickers weekend I had at Whitworth Ranch Retreat!
Friday was our Shopping Day in Canton! We went junking for fun treasures to create with! It was great fun! My buggy was full of antique lace that I found for a steal, a big "M" that was made out of bed springs! Super Cool and I picked up some Old Decorative Frames for some Wedding Decor and so little trinkets I found to work on my Junking Word Project with!
After we had no money to spend and we were in need of some A/C. Stacy took us to Laurie Anna's Decor Shop in Canton. OMG! I was in Heaven at this shop! It was merchandiser dream to walk in and see so many beautiful displays! I LOVE IT! They didnt allow photographs in the store but take my word it was the most beautiful store i have ever been in and I highly recommend it!
 Speaking of Junk! One of my favorite projects we created this weekend was our Junky Word Project. Everyone really embraced this project and was soo creative... using all kinds of JUNK!
I had no idea what word I should do and I was so unprepare for this weekends projects but someone told me I should do Mr. & Mrs. since I was in wedding mood all weekend. So I did and I love it! Mr - is much more rustic and I used lots of hardware on this. For the Mrs. I used these adorable little forks and spoon and some twin and burlap to soften the rustic feel. This project was so much fun and you could really do anything! No limits or rules... which is my kinda project!
I wish I could share with you all the projects the ladies did--- if you go to our facebook group page- Miss T's Pickers, you can find all the pictures from this weekend!
Not only did we play and have fun creating we learn alot!! Miss Tracy gave us the recipes for homemade chalk paint! Which I'm in love with! Plus some recipes to make your own finishing glazes and modeling paste!

This was another project we did this weekend! These are decorative photo panels that use large decorative hinges. Now this project was really fun to make and I being the bride to be decided to turn mine in to trays for wedding purposes and then decide to use them as photo panels after wedding.
This all these projects we needed a little help from our LBH Wood Guys, my dad and hubby lol
They came out there on Saturday when we were working on our projects and help us do all the heavy duty work to our projects! Thanks a bunch to them for helping us!! :)
Now for our finally project-- Shutter Angels! These Angels look so beautiful all together on the fence post. I'm really excited about these angels because my mom came up with a beautiful idea for my wedding. In honor or my grandmother (mom's mom) that is no longer with us we will have my mom's angel and in honor on my mother in law (wesley's mom) that is no longer with us we will have my angel displayed at the ceremony. Makes my cry and happy to be able to use the angels as representation of my 2 angels in heaven.
We had so much fun on this weekend retreat and we can wait to do more events there! My mom, Miss Tracy really did a great job designing this projects that were such a blast to create!

This event would have be so great if it wasn't for our beautiful venue, Whitworth Ranch Retreat!
Stacy, retreat owner and professional cheif was such a wonderful host. She cooked up all of our meals and took such good care of us the whole weekend! It was so relaxing and fun!
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  1. It was a great weekend! I look forward to having your Bridal Retreat there this Spring :))))))