Thursday, February 27, 2014

Inspired by Wooden Spools

Hi there i have been wanting to share with you how inspired i am by wooden spool lol sounds crazy but im obessed!
I went by one of the new shops in old town keller area by our shop and i saw these awesome patio furniture pieces on their front patio! Too cool!!!  i love to see things repurposed and used in creative ways!
I have been inspired by these spools for a while now and i really want to make something out of them. So ive been picking them up now and then. My father in law has been saving me some at his warehouse untill i come up with the perfect idea and the time to sit down and do it! Here are some of my favorite ideas so far

I love this photo! Using the spools as a rustic decor piece in a wedding! This totally screams my name :)

I really love this style too! It would be fun as a book storage but most of all a table top! I could see this as a great center coffee table and a fun conversational piece!!!
I hope you were inspired by this post and create something neat with wooden spools! 

Stay Inspired,