Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Inspired by Mixed Media Altered Work

Hey Everyone, 
Today's post is inspired by Mixed Media!! 
Mixed Media Altered Art Work is on Trend right now in the Art, Craft and Paper World! 
Mixed Media is a visual art that combines paint, ink and collage on to a canvas or altered surface.
Mixed Media has No Boundaries! 
                                           Soaring Heart Mixed Media Canvas- Lynette Chiles

You can do whatever you want to your canvas and it will look great!
Its such a fun art project to create because it stress free and has no rules to go by!
I tend to break rules and not follow directions! It stresses me out when Im working on  a project that I want to look like a idea I saw, or by the sample of a kit I have.
I always seem to change it up just because I want to! If you are anything like me,
you would love mix media art! 
I have found some great Mixed Media Inspiration to share with you

Christy Tomlinson, a mixed media artist creates amazing work.
She is a great inspiration and offers some awesome mixed media products, classes and kits! 
We love Mixed Media at the LBH!
 Here is a look at some of the mixed media canvases we are
currently offering.
Bloom Canvas -created by: Susan Tidwell 
Love Lives Here Canvas- created by Susan Tidwell 
Cupcake Canvas- Color of your Choice
created by Lynette Chiles 

More Inspirations...
I love these cameras!!
This is just too cool!!!
 I love the old door knobs accented on the top

I find a lot of my Inspiration on Pinterest-- 
Follow my Page HERE!!

Inspiration is all around us!!
Stay Inspired, 

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