Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inspired by Baby {Girl}

I want to thank everyone for all your sweet comments!
I'm so excited to start my new blog and my little business! :)
So this post is Inspired by All things Baby{Girl}!
I will soon be an Auntie to a precious baby girl, Makynzie Lynn!
I'm so excited to have my 1st niece!
I have already started a closet for her :) hehehe! 
So My brain has been all over Baby Stuff Lately!
Sunday, All the girls from our family, my brother-n-law family, and my sister close friend got together and planned out the Baby Shower! Its going to be the Cutest Shower Ever!
Just Sayin' 
So I thought I would share with you some of my baby inspiration and the look that my sister is going for in the nursery! 

~ Contemporary Vintage~
 Coral Pink, Turquoise & Light Gray, Vintage White

These are some items we picked up at Ikea (love that store)
It's a great place to go to get Inspired!
 I LOVE looking at their displays and innovative pieces! 
A Simple Chandelier , an Orientate Elegant Frame, and these pretty Decorative Plates for a Wall Decor piece that we are going to do and Bins for Hair Ties and What Nots! :) 

Really great prices and will go perfect with the look that Rachel wants in the Nursery. 

It's a Sweet Vintage look to a Contemporary Style
~The Inspiration~


I can't wait to get started on the Nursery now!
I will be posting pictures once its all done! 

I want to share this picture that Rachel's sister n law took of
Kaden, my nephew and his daddy, Miguel
 It bring tears to my eyes! Such an amazing photo, shows how much they LOVE each other! 

Stay Inspired, 


  1. Oh, how I wish I had a little girls's room to plan. I have imagined doing it in many of the same colors and ideas! Great blog ideas, Kristyn!! Can't wait to see what y'all do with the nursery!!

  2. You are funny, before 1st granddaughter we had her wardrobe planned for year almost. Enjoy all the memories.Love that awesome picture.:)

  3. so much fun in your life right now.. happy tears .. and this lil one will be spoilt soon... :D

  4. So cute, Ktistyn. Congrats all around on your many family blessings.