Thursday, April 18, 2013

Inspired by the Love of the Game -- Heavy Heart for our Nation this Week!

--Hi Everyone--
Thanks again for reading today.. I'm writing this post with a very heavy heart... I'm sure the feeling to mutual due to the devastation in our nation this week. 
 I have been glued to the News Channel this week...
with the Boston Marathon Bombings on Monday and
the West, TX Explosion Wednesday

My heart goes out to all the people that were affected by these horrible events. 
West, TX being very close to my Heart.
 My Grandad's farm is 15 miles away from the explosions.
We take the West Exit to get to to the Farm. We always stop at the Sonic and Czech Stop Bakery in town. 
Well known for their  Czech Heritage and the Annual West Fest. My Grandad has also gone to the West Cattle Auction for years. It such a sweet old Texas town that has just been destroyed. My heart breaks for all the people affect by this.
They are in need for Blood Donations-- Carter Blood Care is taking Blood Donations for West. If you would like to help by donating, find your local Carter Blood Center and please give blood.
Here is the link to find your local center in the DFW area
I also heard they need diapers, pillows, blankets  and other supplies and if you want to donate supplies. The Red Cross is taking Donations and you can also Follow the Facebook Page below for the latest updates and drop off stations---
Prayers for the Victims of West Facebook Page

Please Continue to Pray for Boston, Mass and West, TX 
On a happier note I have a great blog post for you to be inspired by! 
Inspired by the Love of the Game

This beautiful weather we have had here in TX just calls for a Baseball post! 
Baseball has always been apart  of my life
The house I grew up in backed up to the community sports complex. We spent lots of weeknights and weekends there watching all my brothers play ball.My sister and I played some t-ball but we quickly realized that Cheer leading was a lot more fun.... and that was the end of our baseball careers. Now my younger brothers are in high school and i have to say the  cheerleader in me comes out very often!
We always enjoyed going to the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Texas Rangers and still do! Go Rangers!
 Baseball also has a lot to do with how me and my fiance, Wes met. 
When Wes was a senior and I was a junior.
My friends and I went to every baseball game and a lot of my friends were dating some of the players and through several games, playoffs, and a trip to Abilene for semi- finals we started to hang out and it just clicked! :) 
Wes is an amazing Catcher and took his team very far his Senior Year. We have so many great memories from Baseball! Now he is going to school to become a teacher and a coach! Can't wait to get to watch him coach! :) So this time of year always brings make so many memories of Baseball Season!
Ive been so inspired by everything Baseball and have 
found some awesome ideas for a boys bedroom or play room, birthday parties or tail gates , jewelry & fashion, and more !   

Baseball Wreath & Baseball Shelving w/ Baseball Ephemera 

DIY Baseball Bracelets 

Great Ideas for Birthday Parties or Tailgate Events 
Such a Cute Idea for Engagement Photos-- I might have to do this!
Another cool piece to use for a boys room 
DIY Pillows using old jerseys and t-shirts & 
 I just love this Diamonds shirt-- I would wear this! 

Inspiration is all Around us!
Stay Inspired,

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  1. Love reading this post! I have to make that bat/ball flag and I love the ideA of making pillows from my Kiddos old jerseys!